DJI Phantom 4 DroneDeploy question

I use a DJI phantom 4 with DroneDeploy software to perform quarry take-off analysis using their image stitching system. It automatically flies the drone etc and does a pretty darn good job.

There is a linear mode as well as quarry mode, that will fly along a highway with us following in a truck. It can do one pass, but will not stitch multiple flights in one chunk like we need.

Do you guys know of any software that can read the image and GPS metadata from the images that the DroneDeploy software uses to stitch together many flights (maybe 10 flights?)

This may not be the right spot for the question, but dronedeploy and dji support could not answer my co-worker.

I apologize is this is the wrong place.


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issue got solved thankyou so much

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