DJI Phantom 3P POI, Follow Me modes not working

After installing and using Dronedeploy the IOS modes (in F mode, Dronedeploy app off, settings correct) in my P3 pro do not display on the DJI Go app. I’ve used these modes successfully many times in the past. It only started “not working” when I began using Dronedeploy. Has this happened to anyone?
Thanks for reading.

I haven’t heard of this happening. Have you been able to fix it? Do you have the apps closed in the background/

Thanks for your response. I re-installed the new update on the Phantom 3P (after installing older update first) and now works fine. I manually took photos using the POI function in an effort to improve the 3D images. It didn’t seem to help. POI pictures taken at 100 ft, DD pictures at 250 ft. Pictures taken of a 2 acre parcel with a house in the middle. Any suggestions? Great performance of the drone using the app. Thanks again. Russ

I had the same problem, Webman. I fixed it this way. Lower your altitude if possible. With your POI shoot at a 45 degree angle (or similar) change your POI by creating 2 separate circles of pics. You can even try a couple of different altitudes with the POI feature. Again, lower is better. 90-120ft works well. After ALL your pictures are taken, load them on the compter and start a new project in Map Engine. Use the structure button. Its in beta but it works better then terrain for 3D models. Remember, you can add up to 1000 pictures. That’s a lot. Try that and let me know how it turns out please. Good Luck…