DJI Phantom 3 Standard success

This is my second attempt to record data and upload to DD and Sketchfab. 213 photos. I did ‘course lock’ flybys of all four sides of the house and front of the detached garage at 2 different elevations. I did not use point of interest as with the first attempt. Several of my course lock photos were too blurry to use. For some reason the process placed the white lattice which borders the parking area of driveway over onto the trees in the background.

DD autopilot flew the higher mapped images and that was at 150 ft. elevation. Uploading and processing took 9 hours at the highest resolution (not ‘turbo upload’) . My DJI P3S camera records only at 2.7k, not 4k. I probably have the slowest internet access available in the Western World.

ps, the roof and lines of my home are fair to good in detail but the lower gardens are too blurry. Future images should have many additional data points recorded in straight down perspective over the out door dining area, tables and chairs on the lower level.

Also, the flyby pictures of the back of the house at the lowest level should be recorded in more detail by using low elevation and straight-on shots; this becomes more difficult with trees growing up to block the flight path at that perspective and elevation.
My objective using the DD system is to try to interest realtor listing agents , especially for commercial properties of which there are many here in the Branson, Missouri area which are for sale. I have recorded a number of commercial properties videos but this DD system with Sketchfab adds a new dimension to real estate marketing if the images/models can be made realistic enough to satisfy the listing agents.

Hi Frank, first of all forgive my bad english, it is not my native language. I have a P3S as well and i would like to try the DD app, but i haven’t dare to take the step. I haven’t found many information about P3S and DD app; and i see you have solve a lot of problems by yourself. Maybe you can help me a little (if you have the time, of course).

How far the flight lines can be from my home point?
What happens if the drone lose signal from the RC?
One you take off, the mission goes in the cell/tablet or in the drone?

Really, thanks a lot.

yes, Dante, I had great success with DroneDeploy and my Phantom 3 S. plus Samsung smart phone. Twice ! ! That’s all.

Then there was a firmware upgrade and DD began failing to activate the drone camera during the autopilot flight mission. So I started a forum thread here called Camera Fail and you can find that thread and see that other people have had the same problem. Often it is with Android devices but not so much iOS -Apple.

I will tell you that I am now told that DJI is not playing nice with 3rd party developers who are writing code for older DJI drones and maybe it will take awhile to fix these problems.

My camera then went crazy and failed totally so I sent the quad to DJI to fix it… Waiting for the return; not flying dji drones or DD right now.

I do not know how far the flight lines can be from your home point. If you choose a large area then maybe the lines can be very long. My controller was not good but that did not seem to matter to DD, the drone autopilot flew a good long ways away from homepoint and seemed to be in control.

I do not think my drone lost signal from RC but I do think it would end mission and return to home automatically if signal was lost; like if you go indoors during flight and the obstructions prevent RC contact. Drone comes back on its own. I did hit the home or house icon during flights to force RTH to make certain that this command did work. Every time.

I am not certain if the mission is in the cell/tab or drone. I do not know if the drone has a hard drive to store the mission. If you shut off the RC , during flight, will the mission continue? I know not.

This is the best I can do regarding DD. I had a very short time to use it before failure. I will attempt to use it more when it is fixed or when I buy iOS cell phone.

Best of luck

Thanks a lot! I made a few tests yesterday, very same problem: the camera doesn’t take pictures.

I’m following the discuss you’ve started about that issue. I hope DD or DJI can help us quickly.

Again thanks for your awnser.

hi… did you using DD on video?
how about picture? is there a fix bug for p3s with DD didnt taking photo problem?
can you share with us?
thank you