DJI or Yuneec 520

So I realize this is a forum that probably is strongly associated with DJI products. As I am right now. I am just starting out my UAS business. I currently own a P3P.
I want to do mapping, NDVI, roof inspections, IR inspections, photography, real estate and construction associated jobs. Pretty much everything. :slight_smile: I also have strong connections with local police agencies, so search and rescue and fire assistance is desired.
To do all of these, multiple platforms would be ideally necessary. Again, just starting out.
I guess my question is, I am looking at the P4P, Matrice 210, and Inspire 1, along with the Yuneec 520. I priced out the complete package of the 520, with all 3 cameras and multiple batteries, even a tether, and I can get into that for around 11k. So that is a decent E90 lens, E50 inspection lens, and a lower quality IR dual lens, hitting all necessary components. Along with a 6 rotor platform. I realize DJI is the leader, and gorilla in the room, but something keeps me looking at the 520 as a great starting point. Ideas please.

Recently upgrade from a P3P to a P4P (not plus) and have to say that the performance and map quality gain was underestimated. Being able to fly 20-25 minute mission instead of 12-15 isn’t bad either. I too have done allot of research on systems and have similar goals as far as what we will be capturing.
We are a general contractor that self-performs excavation, concrete and utilities as well as being a construction manager so we have allot of scopes to cover. I think the most important factor is what is going to be your primary focus and bulk of work?
For DroneDeploy mapping (at this moment) I don’t see any system with advantages over the P4P. If you’re doing thermal and video I think the Yuneec and Matrice are right on par, but with the Yuneec having the 360 camera has some advantages. Beyond that, be on the lookout for the rumored Phantom 4 RTK. For our scenario I am also looking at the Matrice 210RTK, but am not sure DroneDeploy is quite at a solid compatibility just yet.
In any case I don’t think you can go wrong with a full package similar to what I built for the P4P at $1800 (Listed Below) to compliment whatever big boy drone you decide upon. They are just too versatile and I think the image/video capability is still better than any of the previously mentioned systems.

Phantom 4 Pro
4 Additional Batteries
FSLabs 4 in 1 Charger
Case Club Hard Case (Propeller Off)
Parabolic Antenna
Three 32GB HS MicroSD cards
Already had the iPad

Good Luck!

Its just the incapability of an IR camera on the P4P that has me mostly hung up. nobody at all is doing mapping or inspections in my area, so having an IR camera would be huge. I feel having a tether for unlimited flight might be a nice addition as well. Oh ya, the live feed of the 520 to an HDMI port as well, like the Inspire 2. I already have my feet in the door of the local TV news station.
Thank you for your input.

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