DJI Non Flying Zone


I’m very annoyed with DJIs NFZ. No possibility to deactivate a NFZ via DJI, they don’t seem to be in touch with the trouble, even if they are developing (from a long time !!) GEO system
I tried deactivation via all ways possible with them, nothing.
Seem DroneDeploy also uses those NFZ. Of course I have all authorisations to fly in …
Any chance to deactivate in DD ?

@cousin - DJI NFZ cannot be set via SDK as far as I know and hence DD cannot do anything in this case. Hopefully that may change soon with new DJI firmware updates.

I have a … VERY GOOD new !
I finally could unlock a NFZ with DJI, using beta firmware and beta DJIGo.
And … tried DD. DD was operative !! Bird flying !
I hope making a real test flight in this NFZ within 2 days and I come back with news !

So, I did the real test …
100% operative and successfull ! … according to NFZ
I had twice a “two large radius” or something like message, probably out of the 500m limit I entered in DJIGo.
And in that case, no solution but breraking the app and starting again.
That is quite annoying, no possibility to come back on the area design. Should be rapidly corrected.
Another bug is for switching off the app … impossible.
Must go in the “apps running” and kill the app. Not so good …

So glad to hear it’s working better for you. DJI has promised better integration with their new NFZ in the near future for SDK developers.

Second test today
NFZ was unlocked for the second time (3 days long).
Nothing to do than usual, no more unlocking procedure !
I flew 5 missions in about 45 minutes, no trouble with flying.
But !.. sometimes, 3,4 or 5 following pictures are missing ! And of course the map is … quite poor !
Last DD App on duty on the tab … last beta DJI firmware for NFZ unlocking.
Now on upload and under processing …

Oh btw, no more app freeze since last update !