Dji Mini 3 / Non compatable drone workaround question

Hi there,

I am hoping to be able to use a Dji Mini 3 to do some aerial mapping, in situation where my usually Mavic 2 Pro workhorse is not suitable (mainly for rough/quick maps in populated areas).

If I have set up the project in Dronedeploy and then have captured the same area with the Mini 3 using an autonomous flight, and the JPG files have the GPS data in the EXIF tags - what will happen when I try and upload that set of photos to the project and process them?


I’m in the same boat. I usually use my Phantom 4 pro for mapping, but will probably get similar (good enough for the work I do) results with the Mini 3 (arriving tomorrow). My guess is DD will probably update the software once DJI releases the SDK. Occasionally, I would use my mini 2 for mapping, but would fly the mission manually, because it wasn’t supported since it lacked collision avoidance.


Será que ja temos alguma previsão de liberação do dji mini 3 pro para geração de mapas e ortofotos?