Dji Mini 3 / Non compatable drone workaround question

Hi there,

I am hoping to be able to use a Dji Mini 3 to do some aerial mapping, in situation where my usually Mavic 2 Pro workhorse is not suitable (mainly for rough/quick maps in populated areas).

If I have set up the project in Dronedeploy and then have captured the same area with the Mini 3 using an autonomous flight, and the JPG files have the GPS data in the EXIF tags - what will happen when I try and upload that set of photos to the project and process them?


I’m in the same boat. I usually use my Phantom 4 pro for mapping, but will probably get similar (good enough for the work I do) results with the Mini 3 (arriving tomorrow). My guess is DD will probably update the software once DJI releases the SDK. Occasionally, I would use my mini 2 for mapping, but would fly the mission manually, because it wasn’t supported since it lacked collision avoidance.


Será que ja temos alguma previsão de liberação do dji mini 3 pro para geração de mapas e ortofotos?

Hi Rob_Corbett,

I do not believe this is possible. The DJI RC Pro Enterprise (that comes with the Mavic 3E Enterprise drone) is, I believe, the first and only DJI screen controller that you can load with the DD app.

@Schudy to clarify, my previous statement there absolutely are no in-app or autonomous flight plans available for the miniseries only the ability to process imagery collected from manually flown flights in the DJI fly app. This workaround would be to fly strictly in DJI collect images, appropriate to the parameters of your structure, then upload the images from the SD card into DD on your desktop. DroneDeploy does support the processing of images of non-supported drones as long as they meet the correct format.

You are correct DroneDeploy does not support the app on smart controllers only the M3E RC Pro. You can, however, process images into maps and models, utilizing unsupported drones and their native flight apps to collect the images, then upload those images into the program.

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Hi Rob,

thanks for the update. I have since purchased a M3E and as soon as the DD controller app smooths out the glitches will probably sell me Mavic 2 Pro, but will still want to do some mapping with the Mini.

Great to know that essentially the photos taken during a DD flight are just the same as taking them manually so there is a work around. In fact I quite like the feature of DD where you can just take random oblique photos of a site and they show up in the project geo located for more reference images