Dji Mavic Mini Dronedeploy

Yep, everyone should realize that something like this will have its specific types of tasks to complete. Real Estate and Construction could greatly benefit from one of these. House inspections, lot (under 5 acres?) mapping, detention ponds and walls are all good examples immediate tasks that could be done frequently with a “Mini” drone. Also keep in mind the new Skydio drone that is built for superior interior use. It’s a little more, but if you do interior and very close proximity work it may be a really good investment.

I would also like functionality with the Mavic mini. It is a very compact and portable drone that I can carry with me to any job site without a bulky case. I purchased the Mavic mini in hopes that I would be able to use it with DroneDeploy. It wasn’t until I got the drone and tried it on the job site that I realized the GPS would not link up. Is there anyway that you will get this working with the mini?

Not as of now. I don’t know if there are any plans to include the MM, but agree that it would be a great asset. Thanks for the vote.

It would be very nice see DD work with MM for using in Europe !

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I hope DJI mini is included as well.


If you’re using the drone for work purposes in Canada you require an advanced pilot certification, fyi!

Also the Mavic Mini was developed as an RPAS for hobbiests that want to fly in Class “G” airspace for recreational purposes only, it’s not designed to be a aircraft used for commercial applications!

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And you think the Phantoms were? The industry and software developed around the drones, not the other way around. Let’s take a poll of how many people are mapping today with large “commercial” rigs like the Matrice and similar and compare that to “prosumer” models.

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Great idea about poll of what people are using.

With the latest MM firmware/software update for aircraft & controller (geo unlock etc) released this past week, the potential for use cases have increased.

Sure you have to keep the aircraft in VLOS like other drones, and yes it has wifi, just like the P3s. However unlike the lower end wifi based drones that are good for a 100m or so, the MM can easily be sent out further and with lights, maintain VLOS to a good useful distance before signal issues.

However, the real value of MM for commercial use is in close and quick ease of use deployment. Did a couple of project other day where MM would have been easier, work better in small footprint (e.g. well under an acre) instead used MPP.

As for the image quality and geo info, will do a small test and see what get like others have mentioned.


Hi, maybe before 1st june 2019, but since it’s just a question about weight and where you use it.

If i’m wrong or missed a line in the Canadian Aviation Regulation’s part IX please feel free to correct me. :pray:

I don’t want to argue, just want to know :wink:


Is anyone already purchased it and can share your recordings? I’m a newbie both in photography and drone. I read the post about the DJI Mavic Mini VS iPhone X. Mavic mini seems works greate from that review. But there aren’t any videos shown in that post. And another question is how 2.7K- resolution pictures could look on par with 4K.

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You are correct, as of June 1st the regulations are the same for all users, professional or recreational.

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Thanks for getting back to us, I just wanted to also state that if there were an update to support the Mavic Mini it would greatly effect the product for us. We have wide spread employee base and would like to have a drone for every region, but does not make sense to train everyone as needed in Canada. With the Mavic Mini it would be a very cost effective solution with very little training required.


A pretty neat one of video that I came across on the DJI Forum.

Jono/ DD team - Mavic mini would be a HUGE win with Mini - because areas within 3nm approach and departure - this drone would pose a low risk with Air services and be allowed to fly . The pilot though would be responsible for ajusting speed to ensure rolling shutter doesnt blur images - Ive just tested manual Ortho flights on timer mode @ 2.2 m/s it works like a charm!

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I don’t know if anyone has realized, but this thread has 4.1k views!

@gareth.pickford, have you manually uploaded any images? Could you share a map/model?

Same goes for the rest of you…

A simple solution might be to set up a grid mission for your mini in Litchi Mission Hub and then move and reuse that grid where ever needed.

I was hoping the same thing, but I’m not sure that Litchi supports the Mavic Mini (thanks to DJI), which is probably some of the same issues DroneDeploy has. The crippled the Spark’s coordinate accuracy and now the integration with the Mavic Mini.

"At this time we don’t know if DJI will add support for the Mavic mini in the DJI development kit (not to be confused with DJI Go/DJI Fly).
If and when DJI does add support for this new drone model, then we will add support in Litchi. It is too early to tell when this will happen, it can take weeks or months, it mostly depends on DJI at this point.

Kind Regards,

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I was wondering about that. I looked at their release notes “what’s new” and did not see mini support (or air) listed. But they just list “Mavic” so I was hopeful it was inclusive of all the models. That’s too bad.
I’m not sure how any dev, including DD, could support it if waypoint functionality is not present from dji.

I don’t quite get why they would build it so capable and advertise it for such great video and not allow waypoints. Additionally I guess they think all mapping and modeling should be done on an RTK or Matrice. At least they brought back the P4P V2.0, although we don’t know for how long. #djibrilliance

will send some examples up tomorrow…

May be its a limit on RAM onboard… perhaps DD need to limit waypoints… for the mini ?

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