DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Support


Do you have any idea when the Mavic 2 Zoom will be supported?

Thank you!


As soon as we can! We’re working daily trying to bring it into the fold.
It depends on what problems we have to overcome with the software.
It could be a few days to a few weeks.


Understood. I’m a software engineer so I get it. I’m just trying to get a swag. Good luck. Take your time. Test coverage. :wink:

Thanks for info!


I created my DroneDeploy account yesterday which means my trial period has already begun and I can’t actually fly yet because I only have the Mavic 2. Is there going to be a way for me to start another trial once the Mavic 2 is supported and I can actually use the platform?



Hello @clazette You will be able to reach out support and we will be more than happy to reset that trial for you so you can actually start using DroneDeploy when you are ready!


My Mavic 2 Zoom is supported now and I just received my new iPad Pro yesterday so I am ready to start testing DroneDeploy. Can you please reset the trial for me?

Thank you!