DJI Manual Stick Controls don't respond with Drone Deploy

Flying Inspire 1. Standard sweeping patterns over field. On landing, I should be able to enter manual controls on my controller incase I want to adjust where the Inspire lands.

Three times now (and that is enough because the third put me into a tree) forward stick translates as move right. Move right remains move right. Move backwards translates as move left. Left stick remains left. Power up / down and rotate are fine.

Three times. Last time I exited DD and opened Go App, stick controls normal.

Does the Drone Deploy set the controls differently when flying?

Dronedeploy does change the controls. Were you sure of the orientation of the drone?

You can switch manual mode on your controller at any time. It’s probably a good idea if you’re landing near a tree.

Orientation is irrelevant. For example even if the drone was backwards and I didn’t know what I was doing, two stick controls should not yield the same action. Make sense.

And for the record, no it was oriented properly. I have way too many hours on this Inspire.

Next, what do you mean by switching manual mode? There is no manual mode on the controller. Do you mean P-A-F? Well that might make sense if you are putting the inspire into an intelligent flight mode. That would explain the problem of more than one stick resulting in the same motion.

But that is why I am reporting this to you. Even in intelligent orientation, you should be able to take manual control at any time.

Switching back to P mode may give me control but it may disrupt your software. Thoughts?

It shouldn’t go the same direction like you mentioned. Have you tried running a normal DJI Go waypoint mission? Does it do the same thing when landing?

Switching to P mode once it starts landing won’t mess anything up with DroneDeploy.

Switching back to “P” eliminates the problem. It takes the drone out of smart orientation and allows for manual stick input. Recommend this when landing if you need to alter its landing spot.

Of course you have to switch back to P mode to regain control…