DJI M210 RTK Scanning?


I’m in the process of buying a new RTK drone. And I’m looking at the M210 RTK from DJI.

Is the correction data from the RTK written in the EXIF data or do you get a separate txt file?
If no txt file, how accurate is the RTK correction in the EXIF?

Hi @Air,

Just wanted to jump in and let you know that we currently don’t support this model, so there is no guarantee that it will or should work with DroneDeploy without issue. For your reference, here is our page of Supported Drones.


Looking forward to this in the future. :wink:

My understanding is that the M210 RTK is only used for precisely controlling the drone - RTK data is not written into the EXIF data and there is no txt file.
For writing precise EXIF data we do a Klau Geomatics PPK solution on a DJI M200. But that is post processed, not real time (no problems with loss of comms though!)

I am a surveyor and use my drone for 3D maps.
If you are looking to use your drone with RTK to acquire survey grade 3D maps then this will not work. I would look at purchasing a PPK system that is designed for the M200. CR Kennedy in Perth WA sell the PPK system for the M200 DJI drone. No ground control required. Call Graeme Carleton on 0427 690 331.

@platinum_surveys Agreed, but…

When working with technologies like PPK, depending on the circumstance, the concept of ‘ground control’ or ‘ground validation’ isn’t completely irrelevant.

Depending on the size of the site, some ground validation may need to be in place. This allows the survey drone to continue producing a very high level. You’re still saving an incredible amount of time when working with PPK and ground validation as opposed to working with GCPs. You may need to lay just 3 ground validation points on the entire job site as opposed to 10 GCPs. Consider it a housekeeping task that ensures super precise data.

Another situation in which GCPs carry on applicability is when defending data. Since drone mapping is still a relatively new concept, many contractors want to see its precision and accuracy. GCPs allow the survey drone to produce a very defensible quality report and really prove the validity of the solution.

@Christina, Does DroneDeploy even support PPK imagery?

Hi @MichaelL,

I believe @zach1 will reach out to you to clarify and answer any questions you have on this topic. :slight_smile:


After chatting with @zach1 and finding that DroneDeploy is compatible with PPK it is a great realization into the capabilities of the platform. PPK is the standard, but new solutions are available to use RTK and especially in construction environments with GPS Machine Control that will quickly surpass PPK.