DJI M210 Landing Gear in Shot Issue


When flying the M210 or M210RTK, the landing gear gets in the shot when the craft is performing a turn. For instance, X5S w/ 15mm (72° FOV) fitted to camera position 1 (Left hand side if standing behind drone), at the completion of each map line that involves a left hand turn, there is an image captured that has the landing gear well and truly in the shot. Assume the same for if camera is fitted to right hand side and performing right hand turns.

Would be even worse if using 12mm or X4S camera (84° FOV).

Is there a way you can disable the roll axis of the gimbals for the M210 series so that the camera stays locked to the drones acutal heading as it turns?


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Hi @Captain_Salty,

I shared some info in your other post regarding the M210. We currently do not support this model so there’s no guarantee that this drone will work without issue with DroneDeploy. For reference, here is our Supported Drones page.


@Christina is the M210 vastly different SDK-wise from the 200 that DD does support? I was really hoping to hear that the 210RTK is (or will soon be) supported.

Hi @MBlacklin,

I’m no expert on the SDK but in general our team prefers to fully test software on newer hardware before we update our Supported Drones page. We’re currently testing with newer drone models and hopefully will be able to officially update our Supported Drones page soon. It’s better to be safe than sorry! :slight_smile: