DJI Inspire 2 Questions

So I titled this DJI Inspire 2; however, my question is a little more generic, but was prompted by the Inspire 2 announcement. Currently my Inspire 1 fleet does all of my DD work. With the upgraded camera on the Inspire 2 and other drones, is noticeable difference in map quality and 3-D model quality expected? Obviously this is with the understanding that everything else is equal, an the only difference is the camera and increase in megapixels and camera quality.

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It does appear that the sensor will be better so that will help quite a bit with mapping. I’m not sure if there is anything else that is a big upgrade for mapping. P4 Pro will have a similar upgraded sensor.

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So, if it was your money which unit would you purchase for your fleet?

What camera did you upgrade to?

I would love to purchase the X4s for my Inspire 1 for better resolution mapping but unfortunately, the gimbal on the Inspire 1 will not accept the X4s. It is only for the Inspire 2. I believe DJI has again, left a lot of their loyal customers holding a lot of different camera sensors built on the Inspire 1 that can not be used on their newer bird. So those of us doing mapping work that have relied on the Inspire 1 and the X3 or X5, dreaming of a little more flight time and a 20MP camera, well . . . . . if we want it, we have to shell out for a new bird, new sets of NEW batteries, new battery chargers, new case for the NEW stuff. The $3K price of the bird is only the beginning . . . . . in fact, the 3K is without a camera and those of us with X3, X5, XT (yep, have one) can’t upgrade the bird only . . . . we have to get new cameras as well. Thanks DJI for your loyalty to your loyal Inspire 1 customers. Hope I can do the same for you some day.

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Yeah the battery part kills me. I currently have 14 batteries for each of the Inspire 1 setups. Phantom 4 PRO may be an option. We currently have 4 of those, each with 14 batteries. I did not check to see if they did the switch-a-roo on the batteries from the P4 to the P4 Pro. The camera specs seem very similar on the P4 Pro vs Inspire X4.

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If the Phantom 4 Pro uses it’s own screen - tablet…how will that effect the P4 Pro’s ability to use the DD app?

I think their screen is optional, so I will keep using my iPad Pro.

I don’t think the screen is meant for anything but flying with DJI Go at the moment. It seems to be an optimized android device.

What’s your line of work if I may ask? That’s a lot of gear!

Multi state/multi employee inspection work. Send most people out with redundant equipment. Not a fan of generator battery charging.

Will the Inspire 2 be able to fly a mission with the Drone Deploy app without an X4S or X5S camera attached given that it also has the fpv camera?

Sorry for the late reply. I do lots of different kinks of work. GIS mapping, land surveying, Ag, industry and utility inspections and lots of cinematic work as of late.