DJI GO manual settings change when Dronedeploy app starts mission

I have used the Dronedeploy app now for almost a year, and I have managed to make many very nice ortophotos. But I have noticed that every now and then, especially after Dronedeploy or DJI releases a new version of DJI GO, the app has problem with certain parts of the mission. Sometimes I get larger lags on the camera window, other times I have huge lags on the GPS path. One thing that seems to be more recurrent and problematic than other is the DJI GO manual camera settings. After choosing the “manual” settings in the advanced menu and then closing the Dronedeploy app, I open the DJI GO app and sett the camera settings to manual, close the DJI GO app and then restart Dronedeploy. Everything seems fine until the camera capture starts. Immediately I can see the camera settings go back to automatic as the small camera view brightens. In low light conditions the aperture goes down to 1/30 to compensate. I don’t need to explain how the pictures look. It’s a mess! Will there ever be a version without these problems? I start to loose my patience.

These problems have been there since I started using the app.

I have used the app on Inspire 1, DJI 3 pro and DJI 4 pro

I have used the app on Iphone 5, Iphone SE and Apple Ipad mini 2nd generation with same problem on all platforms.

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