DJI Firmware Issue

From: “Autoflight Logic”
Critical Issue Discovered
We discovered a DJI firmware issue that prevents the aircraft from executing Return-to-Home (RTH) on RC signal loss when any third-party app is connected via the SDK. Our testing does show that RTH will activate when the critical battery level is reached (configured in DJI GO), but this may result in the loss of your aircraft if the home location is too distant.
DJI indicated that this issue will be resolved in the next firmware update, but they have not given us a timeline. Until then, we strongly recommend that you do not operate Autopilot (or any third-party app) near the edge of signal range.

Thanks for posting. We’ve seen that message.

Users would not notice this issue with DroneDeploy because we program a set of waypoints and it follows those waypoints. The last waypoint is located above the takeoff location. And on mission completion, rth is initiated.

I am not as concerned about it for DroneDeploy users as I would be for Autoflight Logic users because their app is actually controlling your drone from the phone.

It’ll be nice for DJI to fix nonetheless.

Thanks Chase, That makes sense…

Hi Chase!

Unfurtunaltly, I’ve expirenced a crash in my last flight. I was using a P3 adv.

I’ve checked my flight plan to seek some mistake and I didn’t found nothing that could have took the drone down.

I’ve been searching for something similar in the internet and I’ve found this Autoflight Logic’s announcement.

hence I wasn’t able to find another reason for the crash, I’am guessing the this was the problem!

What do you think about it?


There are a lot of reasons that a drone could have crashed, and I don’t believe what autoflight logic announced would cause a crash when flying waypoints.

Did you recover the drone? What was the last battery value you saw? In what way did it come down (did it just completely drop out of the sky for example)?

Did you see any weird behavior before it crashed?

No weird behavior.

It just want down sunduntly while it was covering the last bit of the trird line. It crashed in a very dense forest here in Brazil, so althogh I’ve tryed go find it, I was no able to.

Before starting the flight that I’ve planned, I’ve did a one minute test flight and it was all good.

I’ve seen a lot of similar things on the Inspire and Phantom 3 Facebook groups.

Did you charge your batteries right before going out to fly? Sometimes if they have been sitting around for a day they can drop to 0% or something low very quickly which can cause a crash. We’ve also had a user who’s battery fell out because it wasn’t pushed in all the way on their Phantom.

As I told you before Chase… All the safety procedures were taken.

I am really lost here.

The drone was working for just 8 month, no acidents history, nothing. Just felt donw from the sky.

Next weekend I’m gonna try again to find it. Let’s see.


Did you do total discharge and charge cycle every 20th chargeing?

Hello guys. Just want to know if the Phantom 3 Standard and P3Advance will return home when battery is low when flying with a DroneDeploy program even if they do not have rc signal. I need to cover huge area and will not be able to reach the drone all the time. Other point is that when the rc lost conexion to the drone it keeps on completing the route but if it reconect then P3S or P3A will stop to take pictures. Any help with this points? Thanks in advance. Carlos.

I didn’t reached 20 charges with this battery yet