DJI D-RTK2 vs Emlid Reach RS2+. Which one is better?

We ae just in process of deciding to buy Base station for Mavic 3E and got two options RS2+ and D-RTK2. Which one is better over other? We already know the price is less for RS2+

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I would take the RS2+ in a heartbeat. I am sure you are cross-posting so I am interested to hear what kind of responses you are getting on the D-RTK 2’s ability to do rover work. That’s the number one complaint in my experience. It’s bad.

From another source…
" The DJI D-RTK 2 runs on proprietary software, so there is no way to enable further functionality in the hardware without DJI’s support, and they have been very slow to add features to the D-RTK 2 base station . Furthermore, the D-RTK 2 tripod hardware and leveling bubbles are not of very high quality."

What do you mean by the leveling bubbles are not of high quality? Does that mean when it shows it is level, it really isn’t?

That bit was actually from a 3rd party review but yes, I have used the hardware and did see very small variances depending on which direction the rod was rotated. Nothing saying that wasn’t because of the receiver itself IMO though. My issue with the hardware was the quality of the materials, the huge 40-minute vial and the fact that the equipment obviously wasn’t going to hold up over time and parts are essentially not available. If I had to use the D-RTK 2 head the first thing I would do is throw the rod in the closet and buy a real one. The consistency of the rover reading and the collection software is a whole different story.