DJI Air 2S iOS Beta

Hi @H_Nelson , thank you for your patience as we continue to make improvements to the Air 2S flight experience. As discussed via email, please update your drone’s firmware. DJI released an update to fix the mission disengage issues you’ve been experiencing. The most recent aircraft firmware version that contains this fix is 02.04.2190.

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I just bought a new Mavic Air 2S and tried to do a mission. It went through the checklist but wouldn’t fly. It would initialize and stop with the message "no executable start " i don’t understand the message. What is missing?



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Did a test today and everything worked. The only hiccup was when I started a mission and grounded it then the drone wouldn’t take off again. I restarted DroneDeploy and completed a daisy chain of nadir and oblique missions. I’ll try to test the rest of the modes this week.

Has anyone else noticed that the drone goes backwards in the turns? @Farai_Masheke


Probs real newbie question - but trying to use Air 2s and going through the pre flight check list I receive “invalid remote controller mode”

I have tried googling for a solution but can’t find one.

Be very grateful for basic step by step on how to fix this issue.

Many thanks

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@Farai_Masheke There’s seems to be several instances of this remote controller mode error. I have only seen it once myself but it has been reported multiple times.

Hi @Jason_O_Leary May you please send in a ticket to and I would be more than happy to look into what could be going on here and basic troubleshooting things to confirm would be:

  • you have a paid subscription or active trial
  • you’re connecting on an Apple iOS device
  • you’re operating app version 4.97 or later

In your support ticket please note your controller model and mobile device to allow us to reduce the back and forth and get this going as soon as possible.

Thanks @MichaelL I will be looking into this and encourage anyone else that has this issue to send in a support ticket. If more issues are being reported it would be great for us to know exactly how many users are seeing this and get a fix going or workflow to avoid issues of this kind :slight_smile:

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