DJI 2 mini connection trouble

I have just purchased a Mini 2 drone, and are planning to use it for crop/field mapping.
But i cannnot get Dronedeploy to connect to my Mini

I am using

  • DJI Fly
  • Dronedeploy
    -Samsung Galaxy A40 - Android 11

Hope you can help

Regards Claus/ DK


Unfortunately the Mini 2 is in the same boat as the Mavic Air 2. The DJI SDK for onboard waypoints hasn’t been released so you’ll have to find a program like DroneLink or maybe Maven that supports joystick waypoints for it.

Thank youj for the answer, Even if it was not the answer i was hoping for.
I was planning to use the drone for agricultural crop mapping, and like the tools in DD a lot.

Kind regards Claus

There’s a list of drones that will work with DroneDeploy here:

thanks for the awesome information.

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thanks for the information, my issue has been fixed.

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