Dividing the map into acres

I was wondering if anyone has experience converting the map into equal acres? I’m assuming it’s possible by dividing the map ‘area’ into the number of acres predicted by DD. Is this functionality already available via the API? Or would I have to grab the area annotation polygon, the predicted acreage, and attempt to divide the polygon into the number of acres?

My long term goal is to automatically update the map individual acres capable of displaying data stored in the 3rd party database (acre name, plant date, etc).

An acre is measured as an area. It can be round, square, rectangular, or a non-symmetrical polygon. To set a map to grid acres, you will have to specify how you want it displayed. 208.71 feet is one side of a square encompassing an acre. Or it could be a rectangle of 100 x 435.6 feet, or a circle of 235.5 feet diameter.

So is there a way to accomplish this programmatically? Would it be ideal to do so with the area annotation tool? I have associated meta data that’s going to be stored in a mongo or MySQL database. I’d like to be able to allow users to install my app from the DD app market, log in, then have their map divided into the correct acres. I don’t care what shape they’re in, so long as they equal DroneDeploys predicted acreage for the map.

Sorry Kyle, you probably have a good reason in mind. But it isn’t making much sense. I think what @theArborist was trying to get at is that an “acre” can be any shape. You say you don’t care what shape, just that the ortho represents the amount of acres predicted by DD. Well, why not just overlay a layer with a grid representing acres over the ortho. You’re still going to have to pick a grid dimension and your going to have to pick a spot on the ortho to anchor the grid.

Layering a grid over an ortho is nothing new. Add a grid label and associate that with a data base if you want, but still pretty basic stuff. If you want to write an app that exists just to do this that’s fine. All CAD and GIS software can easily do in now though.

I would plan in Google Earth Pro or QGIS in a grided manner and then import the KML’s back to DroneDeploy.

Or just make a master plan in DroneDeploy and then use that as a template to duplicate and revise.

I can’t seem to find mention of where to set a grids anchor or dimension, is this a feature of the DD API? I was hoping to eventually also use this technique to find the average NDVI value of any specific acre on my map.

Sorry Kyle, I’m not familiar with the DD API so no help.

Nothing that I know of in the API currently, but you can email support to verify. What I usually do is make a master map in Google Earth Pro and make new polygon sections that are equal to a flight or whatever length of multi-battery flight that I want. These are 100ac plots. Import them into DroneDeploy and once processed bring the individual orthos into QGIS and export a master map.