Distance tool

Why does the distance measure the distance there and back ? Is it my settings ? I just need to measure the length of an object or the dimensions of a square patch of land ? Can anyone help ?

Im using an Inspire with an x5 and 15mm lens.

thanks Jim

I find it strange that when I measure something, it is in meters (about the right distance) but when I double click, it goes back to feet and doubles the length. I can’t see anything in my settings that would change that! Anyone else shed some light on this?

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Yep that is what im experiencing, Its accurate but you have to half the measurement !!

I hope the volumetric tool isnt the same !!

Hi @JimBob and @Mattbaldy - this is very strange. Never seen this myself- what browser are yall using? Does this happen every time you try to measure?

Next time you see this can you please send us a screenshot at support@dronedeploy.com?

Thank you!

I just sent it! Hoping you guys can figure something out!

Hi everyone- sorry about this. I’ve reported the bug for our team and we’re getting this worked out. I’ll post here again with any updates. Apologies.

Same problem for me as well.

Same problem here. Drop box when i click o distance comes up in metric but when i double click comes up in Imperial and double the actual length.