Disconnect During Flight

AC: Phantom 3 Pro
FW: 1.4.005
DD: 1.1.7

Twice the last few days I’ve experienced disconnect during flight. Once shortly after takeoff and once mid mission.

The DD App says disconnected…then waiting for drone…then connects back to drone and shows screen to create mission. Meanwhile drone continues to fly mission as it was uploaded, but I’ve aborted both times to ensure I can land AC safely as I lose battery level display when this happens.

1.) Do you have anything appearing on your logs that shows what is causing this? Happened on Flight: 1441896830_JONKDICKSONINSPIRE1
2.) Do you have a method that if this happens the DD app can reconnect with current mission being flown and show waypoints, flight path, battery level? Displaying Battery level at the minimum would be nice as I would have been tempted to let the mission continue but without having the battery level showing I didn’t feel comfortable continuing.

We’ve only had this happen to use when we had a cheaper USB cable (including the provided DJI ones). Could that be a possibility?

Yes, that is a possibility as I was using the DJI cable in both instances.

I can add this to a feature request too, but if this does happen are we safe to let the flight continue the mission as all waypoints have already been uploaded? If so, I would request that battery level be displayed on default mission planning screen if possible.

It would be nice to solve the problem of reconnecting, but if not then I think we can put a battery display on the planning screen.