Different Maps on Iphone and PC

sorry for my bad english. I’m german.
On PC I see an old Bing Map. On my Iphone a current Map from Google. I can’t work with this map on my PC because the position of my rendered map is horrible. On my Iphone everything is fine. It’s even fine on PC if I export and open it in Google Earth.
Could you please make it possible to change the map-type on PC or tell me, what I did wrong?
I’m sure, it’s not only my problem…

Map services sometimes vary on different devices.
I would suggest trying this on the computer.

Hi @Hubert,

In addition to what Gary has shared, I also suggest using the latest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser for the desktop version of DroneDeploy.



Definitely do not use the Microsoft Edge browser as that gave me nothing but headaches with DroneDeploy.


Thanks Cristina for your quick reply.
But this is no solution. I work with an iMac and tried Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox… with the newest versions. Then I tried it with Microsoft Edge on PC. It’s all the same.
If someone sees another map on Mac or PC than this old Bing-Map, please tell me. Maybe I do something wrong…

This is worthless… :frowning: Could somebody tell me, how to solve this problem?

Hello @Hubert

Thank you for reaching out. As of right now, we use Bing for our maps in the desktop version and in the mobile app, we use google maps.

There is no firm ETA as to when this will change but it is on our roadmap.