Differences on flight with P4P using android and ios


Hell guys, I did a few flight yesterday and have found that the same flight at the same altitude have 5 lines on IOS and only 4 on Android, does anybody noted that? I was using DD 2.61.0 on Android and 2.60.0 on IOS.
Another isue I have was doing a 6 ha flight with P4P on Android and the pictures were irregular on the paths, producing to many gaps, dont you have theoption to shoot every 2 seconds as P3 series does? I will produce more pictures, but will prevent for having holes.
Thanks for your time. Carlos
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Hi @cidcarlos,

I’ve escalated this issue to my team for investigation, but I need a bit more information. Can you share the names of the maps of these flights?



Hy Christina, I sorry I can not because I have erased those flight… I have the pictures and the way they are presented if you want, see the images:


Then I had this problem with ANDROID last fraiday, the pictures were uneven distributed over the area:

Hope this help.



Hi @cidcarlos,

Do you have an idea of what the flight IDs were or when you flew? We can still look it up on our end.



Hello I think on saturday afternoom the name of the flight were “copy of pata” or similar. Those made on friday (the ones that presented uneven distribution of the pictures) are one of the following N06, N08, N09, or N14.



Thanks @cidcarlos. I’ll report back once I have an update.


Hi @cidcarlos,

My team took a look at your maps and noted that for the similar flight plan, one map had an sidelap of 65 while the other had a sidelap of 48, which explains the difference in overlap in these maps.

To answer your question about the P3, newer drones capture images based on a distance interval rather than time interval since it is generally more reliable for achieving a desired frontlap. DJI currently does not support image capture based on distance intervals for older drones so we use time based intervals.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:



Thanks @Christina. Ir seems that I did something wrong in the field that have changed sideoverlap. Have you looked at the images distribution? Those flights were done with P4P but they produced big holes with no pictures. Thanks again for your help. Carlos.


Have you tried reformatting your SD card?


No, but I will try… thanks. Carlos