Difference P3A vs P3P and DroneDeploy

Hi I’m an new member and I’m really interested in trying out DD for 3D Mapping.

Does anyone know of any Pro’s and Con’s using DroneDeploy with the Phantom 3 Advanced?
I know the camera for the Advanced is 2.7k vs the Pro’s 4K but if I was flying a mission for 3D mapping or even NDVI mapping does the 60mbps vs 40mbps make a big difference since both camera’s shoot pictures in the same resolution?

I contacted DJI and they told me the write speed and quality will be the same for taking photo’s just shooting continuous video is where the resolution difference will come into play between the P3A and P3P.

Any feedback or suggestions will be appreciated.

Hello. I think that you will not have any difference in pictures or equipment. The difference is for video. Carlos.