Difference of heights in images

because there is a difference in heights in images taken with the same drone Mavic Pro when orthophotos are generated?
(porque se presenta diferencia de alturas en imágenes levantadas con un mismo drone Mavic Pro cuando se generan ortofotos?)

Processing understands the difference in altitudes and the relativity of the positions, so no worries.

MichaelIL, How do I fly the DD (Mavic Pro), over a hilly area and maintain the same altitude ? Does it have a terrain follow or so ?

Unfortunately DroneDeploy pulled the terrain following app never made it out of beta.

One scenario might be continuous rolling hills in which I would run two flights covering the entire area at different elevatiins with lower overlaps around 60-65%. Lower one for good detail of the valleys and a higher one to make sure you get good overlaps.

Another scenario could be a tract that has shelves or a cliff. You could run two flights at different altitudes adjacent to each other. If the elevation difference is too big I don’t think DroneDeploy is the right solution.

All that said, Litchi and 3D planning in Google Earth beats all those choices.


Where can I find more info on 3D Planning in Google Earth? I have googled and can find nothing of substance

Unfortunately you can only plan with a polygon in Google Earth and save as a KML for DroneDeploy. What was depicted in that post was using a 3D path for Litchi. I can help with either if you have specific questions.