Did DD change the way geotiff exports are done?

Did DD change the way geotiff exports are made or something as I can no longer open the goetiffs in MS paint.

Hi @GlennGoodlett,

GeoTIFFs should be opened in ArcGIS or QGIS. Can you let me know if you have issues opening the file in either of these programs?


I use paint to create low res images to distribute to clients via email. Suddenly it seems to no longer able to be opened by paint. Old exports can open fine but the latest will not. I was just wondering if something has changed.

Hi @GlennGoodlett,

We haven’t made any changes recently. Can you let me know if this is affecting one map or all newer maps? When was the last time this worked for you?

Keep me posted,

Well, apparently just one.

Are you sure it isn’t some sort of size issue since it’s just one map?

File size is actually smaller. I guess something is a little corrupt or something. I flew a test mission and everything flew as before and I could open the file just fine.