Determining what version I have on my android device?

I realize this seems like a silly question but when I look under version on my device it reads 0.5.5
and Jono is talking about version 5.3 am I that far behind or simply confused. the system is working although I have never been able to upload from my device I use my desktop to upload. on occasion I will have to restart a mission to get the system to go through all the start up checks. Compared to other equipment we own it seems very stable.

So the versions of the beta don’t line up with what we have on the apps. That being said, 0.5.5 is an older version. The latest beta should say 1.0.3 on the bottom of the sidebar. The version is more like DroneDeploy Version 1 Beta 5.3

Thanks, So I need to down load the file for 5.3 and it will overwrite the current or should I delete current version first and then upload?

It will hopefully overwrite it, but sometimes you need to delete first.