Desktop planning - how to edit after a route had been synchronized?

I’ve been designing several potential routes via the desktop interface, while I wait for temperatures outside to be warm enough to fly.
As such, I’ve been creating, synchronizing, and then when I see the route in the app with the much better resolution, I wish to edit the area.
It seems that I can move the boundaries in the app, but the changes don’t seem saved afterwards. If I go into the desktop interface again, I can see the routes as ‘synched’, with no edit button evident. Is there a way to edit after synchronizing? Can edits on the mobile app be saved?

Separately, I’m looking forward to the higher resolution maps for Canada in the desktop web page interface, as mentioned recently on here.



We’re working to get some better resolution maps for international users.

At the moment, you can’t edit a synced map because we were concerned with things on our servers and mobile devices not being the same. We are working on a new UI and this is something we are keeping in mind.

There could be an option for the desktop interface to say ‘not-synched’, and if the mobile app can’t connect to internet to check status, there could be a message saying something like:
“unable to determine if cached route is current, as there is no current internet connection. Current mobile route last synchronized on xx date at xx time”
That would possibly allow the increased functionality while effectively disclaiming differences in route versions…