Desktop Folder Sorting



Im a user of folders on DD desktop and mobile - would be great if we could sort them by drag and drop or the last ones used at the top.



Thanks for sharing this feedback @falconuav. I’ll be sure to forward it to the appropriate team.




I add my vote to this feature request!


Not only the folders, but we’re shooting for alphanumeric sorting for the projects as well.


I just got on here to make the same suggestion. I tend to map out places in advance of possible jobs I am looking at.

For example, I just got done mapping out 47 area golf courses that I hope to do business with. I have all of those in one folder, but it sure would be nice if I could alphabetize all of them to make them easier to find!

And having the ability to alphabetize all of the folders would be awesome as well.


@TXWhirlyBird If you turn on ‘Projects’ in ‘Settings’, your dashboard will update and include alphabetic sorting.


Thank you for that information! I was able to get my folders to sort alphanumerically…but when I open the folder the contents are still all over the place. Is there a way to alphabetize what is inside the folders?

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