Descend after last waypoint.. thoughts

Hey guys, quick thought.

Seems very uncomfortable for me and other growers to stand under a ship descending out of 390’ for lots of reasons.

What about an option that after last way point, during flight back it travels at the correct speed to insure it lowers to say 100’ at landing zone.


Chad Colby

I always let the app fly it back to me, then flip it to P mode and bring it down myself.

I honestly once the app is heading ship home, I take over fly back manually, and during that time I am descending as I return to home.

Speaking from someone with literally several 1000’s flights, I would never from 390’ lower down with the ship directly over my head. It’s VERY hard manage it, meaning if there was an issue you would have you hands full VERY quickly. AKA, birds in the area, etc, etc

Also all rotor based ships are MUCH more aero efficient descending while moving.

I had an issue when flipping to P I was unable to continue mission. This may have been just something that was happening on my end or may have been fixed already

I agree with you on the efficiency of such an option(also less sore neck watching landings) but I would forsee it being something that would need to be enabled on the fly rather than a default option that’s turned on/off given a multitude of variables/obstacles that could exist between last waypoint and home point.

I think the biggest concern we have is hitting some obstacle on the way back. That is the main reason we have a waypoint above the takeoff point for takeoff and landing.


Chase I completely agree… but what about lowering to 125’ or something on it’s way? optional return height?

We can probably add an option for something like that.

Hi Chad,
I flew the P3 today with vers 1.4.005 and app 1.17. When my first battery was drwan diwn I hit the red return home button and on the way back I put the lever to diwn and the drone flew back to home and lowered at same time. I did not switch out of F. On next flight drone finished flight plan and was returning home on its own, tried lowering again but this time it did nit lower. Maybe if you hit red return button you can lower, I had no more batteries to try another flight.

If you hit the return home button it will initiate the Phantom’s RTH function which allows you to control the adjust the drone’s altitude and position while it comes home.

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On the second attempt when it came home on its own it would not descend on way back but I could move it left/right forward back etc onve it started to land without switching from F because I moved it away from my truck

Agreed, if you have the clearing to land at a slight angle it is better then directly down as the vortices can effect stability, especially if done too quickly. I personally like to control take off and landing. Achieve pattern altitude then start mission. Seen too many auto-flights into trees even when ready to react…includes myself :scream: