Deleting Distance annotations for the map report generated in a project

Seems like a really easy thing, but I cant seem to find how to delete distance annotations from my report. I was just checking some distances myself and when the report is generated these distance lines are still on there, with no apparent way to delete them.



Do you want them to remain on-screen and just remove the line items? Unfortunately the report is not configurable. Otherwise just select it and…


I Michael,

Yes I figured it out now, for whatever reason my line annotations were not appearing on screen to delete, restarting my browser managed to fix the issue, allowing me to see the line annotations I wanted to delete.


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I try to recommend this when given the chance, but if you are running Chrome you might try running in Incognito mode. I use to have occasional issue with caching and not sync’ing, but have been running DD in Incognito for over a year without one glitch.