Deleting All Pics from Project


Have uploaded images to a project, and the stitich is complete.
However at least one of the passes is out of focus.
I put the overlap up quite a bit so there’s coverage without these pics.

My question is: can I remove the pics from this project and reload a set of pics with the blurred ones left out?
How does DD like an “incomplete set” of pics?

Any tips gratefully received.

Yes you can certainly omit any pictures that you want to from the set that you upload before processing starts. I have found that the easiest way is to move the undesirable pictures to a separate folder. When you upload the folder with the pictures you want, you will see a blue dot for the location of each picture. By looking at the locations and spacing of the dots you will have a pretty good indication of coverage gaps. The extent of the coverage gaps effect on the finished map will, unfortunately, be a matter of trial and error.

You can always use the Upload images button under the plus sign on the lower part of your dashboard to upload/re-upload any images. Just choose Upload Images, name it as you wish and upload as normal. You don’t need to have a flight plan flown to upload.