Delayed Upload?

Here’s my dilemma:
Following a flight, I return to the office to upload my pictures, and I wait until the end of my shift at 3pm to press ‘upload’ so as to not tie up the bandwidth. The rest of the office stays until 5pm and curses my name for hogging the modem!
Is there a way, or perhaps a feature request, to delay the upload, say four hours, or maybe set a time (ie: upload to start at 7:00pm local time).
This would save the tongue lashing and dirty looks the following morning when I slink back to my desk.

Nice idea!

We don’t plan to add that feature, though perhaps we could make something like that into an app.

In the meantime, perhaps you might try a tool like Log Me In:

That way you could sign into your computer remotely and click upload from home.