Delayed photo window

Ran updated app today- one thing i noticed was towards the end of the flight the “live” photo window was delayed from the actual drone position. Phantom 3 pro on Samsung galaxy 7
Became very obvious at end when drone had returned home and was landing- but photo window was still showing drone flying flight path and taking photos!

Never had this happen before. Haven’t had a chance to check photos on card as we lost power to work site soon after.

That’s odd. The video window you’re talking about is provided directly from DJI so we don’t have a lot of control over it. Was the rest of the app running ok?

Yes, flight ran fine. Photos are fine.

Might be just a one off?? Will monitor next time.

I had this same thing happen to me a couple of days ago. I was trying to fly a mission over my neighbor’s property before they harvest the trees. On the first leg of a 3 battery mission, once I hit return to home because the battery was getting low, the RC reported that the drone (mavic) was headed home, yet the app show it still on mission. Once the drone landed, the app was still showing it flying for good 3 or 4 minutes before it finally caught up and showed it returned to home. First time I had see thing, but I’m still on the trial period. This was with the latest version of the app that was just released the other day.