Define homeposition in app

At this moment I am working with the 30 days trail version of DD pro. When I create a plan in an app on the Ipad or on my Android phone the flight is planned from San Fransisco, about 5000 miles from the Netherlands. The simulation also starts here and when I want to fly for real I get the message that the homepoint is more than 2 miles from the start point.

Planning in the web version I can state the place where my planning will start (the Netherlands). In this version it is not possible to input the angle of the track.

Are both problems because I am in trail version?

Today I had the problem that I could not create a box in the webversion. I get the warning that the lines are crossing but it was my 3rd point and it was not possible to cross the other line.

Please let me know what to do.


Hi @A_Different_View, thank you for giving our App a go! We are thrilled to have you on trial with us!

The first thing that I would like to direct you to is our initial setup guide which I believe will help you resolve some of the issues that you are having. Please know that, if you are not connected to the App then your flight will auto start in your predefined starting point which in this case is, San Francisco. Also, are you using the latest version of the App (2.0.6) in the Google Play store?


Same problem here, and I’m trying to fly in Azores Islands, middle of the Atlantic, but the home point always goes to California. To be honest I don’t find a solution on the link you provided above,

This app as a lot of problems. I don’t know about the iOS, but the Android version crashes a lot, and it blocks the tablet/smartphone…

I’m running the 2.0.9 app. And the most recent android firmware and Phantom 3 Adv firmware too.

hi @Rui_Frias - please try it out with the newer version (2.0.11) and let us know how it goes. Thanks for your feedback.