Define flight plan with shapefile?

I’d very much like to be able to define my flight plan by uploading a shapefile. Is that something you have planned for future releases?

We actually do support this on the desktop app at the moment. Have you tried planning on

I’ve been looking through desktop planning tool and cant find out how to import a shapefile. Please advice how to use shape or kml file.

I see. By “desktop app” you mean the web app? If that’s the case, like dalendam, I can’t see how that’s done in the browser. Please advise!

When you make a plan on desktop there is an option you can select.

Hmm. This is a bit frustrating. Presumably, you are talking about the web-app. As far as I know, there is no desktop application for DroneDeploy. Secondly, when I “create a new plan” by clicking “ortho map” or “agriculture” from the dashboard, I get a dialog box that looks similar to the one you show above however there is no option to choose “draw geometry” or “upload shapefile” for the planning mode. I would be psyched to upload a screenshot to show you this but, unfortunately, when I try to do so I get a message that says, “new users cannot upload images.”

Please provide the following:

  • Confirm that we are talking about the web app, and not some downloadable desktop application.
  • Walk me through the actual steps of creating a plan (e.g., buttons to click on) that will bring up the dialog box that you have shown above.
  • Give me permission to upload images (screenshots) so that I can have a more productive conversation with you.

Thank you.

It looks like this isn’t enabled by default on users’ accounts. I enabled it for you. Let me know if it solves your problem. I think the reason it isn’t enabled is because it doesn’t handle very complicated shapefiles that have multiple shapes or holes within the polygon, etc.

FIXED. Awesome. Thank you!


I would very much like to have thos function enabled also. This is one of the main functions that DD lacks at the moment.

This looks looks helpful, could I have this enabled too please? Also could we get Guernsey (my Guernsey) enabled in the locations?

Mark G.

Hi. I really liked that function, it’s amazing, a must have. In Brasil we have many areas that the satellite images are very bad, with clouds and not enough resolution. Please enable it for me too. Many thanks and keep going on.

Hi John

Really interested to hear the excitement. If we had better satellite data, would you still be excited about this feature?


Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I think so. Shape files are standard in GIS and would be great to easy use all avaible data that already exist.
I think you can limit the geometry to polygon and the amount of vertex.
In Brazill we suffwring with zica virus and dengue. Some prefecture has mapped risks zones and all data are available in Shape files.
I think you can, at least, allow load the Shape file to the Desktop Mission to be used as scratch. But we have to to rework many times.
You decide the best approach.
Many thanks.

This is enabled for you guys. You should also be receiving an email explaining the fact that it is experimental and may not work with all shapefile formats.

I would like this option as well thank you

Hello, could I have this option enabled also. This would be huge plus for mapping more complex areas.

This has been enabled for everyone in this thread. Please remember it’s an experimental feature which we aren’t planning to incorporate into the primary feature set of DroneDeploy for the next couple of months.

Could I please have this function too?


chasemgray Could you please open the upload a shapefile for mission planning on my account?


This has been turned on for everyone so far in this thread.