DD with mavic 2 Pro will not allow manual control

I had a mission today that I needed to discontinue and I could not gain manual control.

Mavic 2 Pro
Ipad Mini

I was able to pause the mission, but once paused, I could not change into manual mode on the DD app or the DJI Go4 app.

I was able to get the drone to return to home using the return to home button on the DD app.

In the past, if I made any corrections with the actual controller sticks the drone would respond to the controller, this time there was no response.

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Don’t forget about changing the flight mode (Positioning, Sport, Tripod) on the controller. In most mission planning software I’ve used, this will disengage the automated mission handling and return the control to the operator. Just flip the switch away from (P)ositioning to either of the other modes long enough to see that it had an effect, then return to the desired flight mode to regain control.

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Thanks for responding.

I did not know that was possible. I hope not to need it in the future, but will keep that option handy. Doing a test flight tomorrow before retrying the mission that almost ended badly.

Thanks again

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