DD staff; autonomy - what's the real answer?

I have heard conflicting information regarding the autonomy of the drone once it gets airborne. Some believe that if you lose signal you’re in trouble (i.e. Maybe the phone/tablet switches off etc, or even worse the controller dies), others say it just continues on its own and lands after completing the mission.
So what really happens??

The drone will pause for a few seconds (five?) and if there is no signal it will climb to its return altitude and return to its Home location. This is why the Home location and altitude set for Return To Home is so important. The Home location is stored in the aircraft so it will fly home without remote signal. If there is a loss of GPS and the aircraft doesn’t see home then it will hover until the battery is really low and then it will descend.

I’ve lost signal a couple of times from nearby objects like a metal rough on a barn. The first sign of trouble is tearing of the live video signal. I was able to change my position to get signal back to the aircraft and the mission continued.

Hello Dave_Wilson. On my experience flying with Drone deploy if your Drone lose connection to the RC it will keep flying the mission. In fact if the Drone is disconnected before image capture starts then you will have no images at all. If disconnection happen after image capture starts your Drone will do the mission and take the pictures as expected. On P3 serie if after disconnection the drone is reconnected it will keep in the mission but will stop taking pictures. At least that happen to me many times using p3s p3a and p3p. Carlos.

Thanks for your answers.

But - this illustrates PERFECTLY the point I’m making. Why is there a difference in opinion??

There is a difference in opinion because this is an option that 3rd party developers can control. Some apps return home on loss of signal. DroneDeploy will continue it’s mission and if battery is low it will return home.