DD Mission Photos Slightly Out of Focus / Blurry

How fast did the drone fly for your mission at 100’ AGL?

Average flight speed from the log, once at altitude, is 5.26 mph

Oh wow! I just flew in near storming conditions at maybe 50% ambient light at 14mph…


I think you may have the only reliable solution (to manually turn down the maximum speed in the DD mission settings) but as we agree, it’s not practical if you are flying a 7-battery, 300 acre job. LOL.

Even so, DroneDeploy raises the flight speed up and down automatically based on the parameters of the mission (essentially the altitude and the frontlap setting effect the flight speed.) So what you are confirming is DD in some cases doesn’t select the appropriate flight speed automatically. This shouldn’t be completely surprising though, since DD can’t predict the scene lighting conditions when the mission is executed.

HOWEVER, that’s what AUTO ISO is for. It appears to me that MAYBE the true culprit here is that all DD mission, when the camera setting is set to auto, always shoot at 100 ISO. This forces the camera to slow the shutter speed down, and then you get motion blur.

I think the following change to the DD software would solve the issue. Never let shutter speed go below 1/320 and adjust ISO when 1/320 isn’t fast enough up to 400 ISO (Maybe 800). * TIME IS MONEY * The P4P camera has an excellent sensor. Slowing the drone down to compensate for lack of functionality in intelligent control of the camera isn’t a good solution.

I suggest taking at look at this when contemplating ISO settings on a P4P camera:


Here is one set of P4P photos taken over ISO 100 (left) to 400 (right) range. You should look at this on a computer with a good screen and not a phone in order to clearly see the differences. Also click on the picture below to enlarge it.


This seems to support DD’s decision to use ISO 100 as a reasonable choice.

And of course it only gets worse with higher ISO settings like 800 to 3200:



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Really interesting thread. What strikes me is how far we have come but how far we have to go. The next 5 years is going to be really interesting. I’m reminded of the the scene in the movie Bladerunner 2049 when he waves his finger to the drone that just emerged from the roof of his car and says, “photograph everything” . . . I wonder if you’ll still need a Part 107 ticket to say that? :flushed:

No, by then drones will be restricted completely to government agencies. :confused:

Haha, I like that! Eventually the drone will be part of the car like a Batman toy! So in order to purchase the car you need a P107? lol. Especially after the house passed the Reauthorization Bill…