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So, this has happened a couple of times now so I suspect it is happening even more but unnoticed and I wondered if anyone, DD staff in particular knows what is happening (@Adam_Carp).

I use the LATEST link to see the latest posts. But often times, it does not show all of the latest posts. For example. I just replied to a comment/question here: https://forum.dronedeploy.com/t/drone-deploy-mission-planning-to-suas-free/12900

Yet, it does not show when I view the LATEST posts. Any ideas? It seems to always be a post in the GENERAL category that does not show. In fact, this very post would not show until I moved it out of the GENERAL category and into something else.


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I have experienced the same thing when making new posts. It also seems like unread posts are not displaying properly.

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I have seen this happening for over a month. I can also read a new post once and then find afterwards that it does not appear in the LATEST posts.


It happens on the Emlid forum as well so I think it is the platform.

Thanks for the confirmation, guys. Nothing to be done on our end. Good to know it’s not local to me.

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I have not seen this on the Rhino forum so it may depend upon the version.

Rhino uses the same software platform?

Yes. The Rhino Forum looks just like the DroneDeploy Forum. I wish Agisoft would move Metashape to this same platform.

Been good until about two weeks ago. I regularly reply to the unread at the bottom of both forums and they never make the latest. I’ll see if I can get to the developer to see if they have any ideas.

Just wanted to present a visual of how this board is broken.

I was visiting a thread and in the suggested threads listed below, I see that there is a thread in the General Category that indicates I have not read it. [1st image below]

So, I open that thread and note that the date of the post was 3 days ago. [2nd image below]

I then open the General Category and that thread is not listed even though it is newer than the newest thread that is listed. [3rd image below]

@Adam_Carp Can you have the personnel at DD responsible for this Discus platform to look into this please?

1b 2b 3b

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Hi @Dave! Thank you for this report. Can you please try to clicking on ‘Activity’ to set it as the sort category? Does this fix things?


And… we will not be on this forum platform by the end of this year :smiley:

Stay tuned!

Hi @Adam_Carp

Unfortunately, sorting by Activity seems to make no difference for me. I know there are more recent posts in that category than 8 days ago.

I notice that it is only posts in the General category that seem to go missing if that helps.