DD Flight in DJI Manual Unlock Zone

Hey all! I’ve been trying to fly a missions in a manually unlocked DJI zone a few times now. The unlock works fine, get that uploaded to the Phantom 4 Pro V2, and then I launch DD. The drone will take off, fly straight up to 200 feet, and then just sit there. We had to resort to another program to take pictures, but one that I’m not a fan of as I would very much like to use DD. Is there a trick to getting DD to fly in some restricted airspace? I’ve seen a few discussions without resolution.


While we haven’t had this problem I have seen it mentioned on the forum a few times. Some of those occurrences were not in restricted space though. I’m assuming you didn’t get any notifications of what DD didn’t like?

Perhaps you’ll need authorization too? You can do that in DD using the Airbus app.


That’s a good point.

What mobile device/OS version/DroneDeploy version did you use?

Can you provide a coordinate for the site so we can review the airspace restrictions? It might also require a controller unlock through the DJI site.