DD Flight App - Loose the chat

It would be really nice if all the non-flight elements of the flight app were stripped out and replaced with a separate Drone Deploy Chat app or better yet, a Slack channel. Those who know how to use the app don’t require resources spent on non operational bandwidth.


I think a better suggestion would be to have the ability to opt out. I think those of us that use the solution at a very high level and frequency are the minority so you have to think about infrequent and new users which probably make them a lot more money.

That would be fine. Good support is great. But, I have a difficult time understanding why DD or new users would think it best to take resources away from the flight control app to provide that support. Oh well, I don’t think you would see the same kind of thinking in manned aviation flight systems, thank goodness.

Can you clarify this?

In manned aviation you better know what you are doing before you hit the air!

Sure. So lets say that the app starts out with 100% of it’s resources dedicated to controlling the aircraft to perform it’s mission in a preferred manner. There is nothing extraneous in the code that would have the possible side effect of reducing that primary mission performance. In addition, there is nothing extra to reduce, or take away from the operator’s attention to perform her duties as RPIC to oversee the mission, even if flying autonomously.

Then, you begin to add “extra” code that has the potential to disrupt both of those things yet does not increase the performance of it’s primary purpose. How much would you think is a good % to devote to that extra code? For me, I would prefer that it be 0% extra.

If we can work toward this with uas operation, I think it will be a good thing for all of us. Look, I’m not saying that calling in for support is negative in any way. But through the flight control app is not the best solution in my opinion. Perhaps I am the exception.

I see what you are getting at, but I have never seen anything pop up when in flight. Maybe it could be isolated to the web browser?

I agree on emulating manned flight operations, but I think that will be a natural progression that will take some time. We have enough trouble dealing with people learning how to map that have no survey experience or even worse no RC experience.

That makes perfect sense where as placed in the control app does not. (to me)

DD is coming at this from wanting to sell a service. I understand that. I am coming from this as what is best from the operator’s interests.

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