DD explorer

Is the system switching from trial to Explorer by itself or the DD is turning off and we need to reconnect our account to the specific explorer?

So far DDeploy if the only good software but is to pricy.

How many 3d can we do with explorer?

The Explorer Plan allows for 5 maps per month.

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Hello @Laroche198, our trials are not turned off manually but are turned off when you have reached your maximum amount time or maps allowed for the trial.

Greetings!!! Does it go by calendar month or by the time you made you first map??? For example, if I make 5 maps in the last week of November, can I make 5 more the first of December or would I have to wait to the last week to December???

I read a post by DD staff that said last 30 days. So you probably have to wait to the last week of Dec.

Your trial if you signed up online starts when you make your first map. However, if you have renewed your trial with our support, the trial timeline will go off by days.