DD & DJI Go4 change during flight?

Hi, i will make a flight for a mapping mission away 1-2km . Is it possible fly with the Go4 App to the starting point in air and then change to DD start mission? if not what procedure is possible start mission in air?


I do this all the time. It’s the only way I can take pictures in focus.

Take off in Go4, reach the mission’s altitude, set the camera up, exit Go4 (close the app down fully), open DD and start mission.

Closing the Go4 app only closes the app of course and does not cut the connection between the controller and the drone so you’re always the in control. It’s perfectly safe to switch between the two apps. Just remember to flip the controller to S-mode if you urgently need to take manual control of the drone during a DD mission.

The only caveat to this, is that I’m not sure you should be planning a mission 2km away from where you are operating it from. In the UK, it shouldn’t be any more than 500m away from you.

Yep, I even switched plans almost every flight by getting out of DD and back in. Now that we have the new interface you can pause a mission and restart. That being the case you could start the mission, pause, free-fly and restart the mission when you are ready.

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I agree with James and Michael. But, in addition to what James said about operating vlos, I would be a bit cautious about loading a waypoint mission with the craft 1500 meters out, which you would be doing when switching from GO to DD. If there is any kind of glitch while it is uploading, you may end up with something unexpected. I switch between apps often, but with the craft clearly in sight. I have not used DD’s new pause feature.

Thank you for your comments , normal i fly not so far away , or only with a safety pilot have the drone in sight. this means close the Go App not release a fly home action?

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RTH is triggered by control signal loss, not an app disconnect. You can fly the drone with just the controller and no smart device at all! :stuck_out_tongue:

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