DD compatibility with DJI GEO?

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DJI is releasing an update to the SDK that works with geo. In the meantime if you unlock something in DJI Go it should be accessible in a 3rd party app.

If only that were true. How far out from the yellow zone boundary indicated by dji geo do I have to get before DD lets me fly? Today even with approval from the DJI geo DD wouldn’t fly outside the yellow boundary. I hope this gets fixed soon.

We got these specific instructions from the SDK team:

Using GEO, if users find themselves trying to operate in a geofenced zone and they believe their operations are safe and authorized:

  1. Unlock the geofenced zone (if it’s unlockable) in DJI GO before using any third party DJI SDK based application.
    To do this:
  • Load DJI GO and go through the unlock process
  • Close DJI GO and load the SDK application to begin normal operation
    This will need to be done for each aircraft as well as each geofenced zone, and will persist until the authorization expires

I’ll try again but I’m pretty sure I followed that procedure because I flew using the dji go app and then loaded DD in the same location but no joy.

This procedure worked with beta version of firmware/app DJIGo in yellow NFZs
Didn’t test it with last DJIGo 2.82 neither iOS unlimit.
But with none of these it worked today in red NFZ. No third app unlock cause of automatic locking as soon as bird lands/stops.
DJI was told of this trouble by tchat and mail

Went to fly the plan again today and its missing from my dashboard. I hope they fix these bugs soon so I can upgrade because it looks pretty good when it works.

Having issues with this now flying near an Airport that we have FAA clearance from, we unlock the geo fence in DJI GO but DD will not allow us to seelct and fly a flight plan.