DD App Slowing down

Hi Guys

I seem to be having an issue that was supposedly fixed last year. I’m using a Samsung Tab A and DD 2.0.18 It varies a bit but on larger flights the app slows down ie the position of the aircraft is way behind and the other indicators only change occasionally. The video link seems to be OK. Its almost as if the tablet is processing something in the background. I found if I clear ram etc before hand it works better but if I have to do a 2 or 3 battery flight it always slows to almost a standstill. Does anyone know how to fix?? Do I need a better Tablet???

It may be the tablet, but we are releasing an improved Android app in the next few days. You can check on that version when it is released. Look for Version 2.0.29 when it comes.

Bump. Since the last two updates I have noticed a gradual decrease in the speed of the app. In particular updating the missions. The most notable though being after the most recent DJI firmware update. Running 2.0.51 on iOS 10.3.2. 2.0.51 on Android 7.1.2 Google Pixel is better.

2.0.51 on iOS had a performance bug. Please update to 2.0.52 or higher.

Posted almost a week ago and my apps update automatically so good to go. Still a little lag, but I don’t expect much from an iPad. A few leftover and new issues with 2.0.52, but I’m working with the engineers on them. Thanks for the heads-up!