DD Android 1.01 beta - taking photos on the way home

I have DD 1.01 running on a nexus 5 running Android 6.0.1 (with the latest Mat 1, 2016 security patch). This is connecting to a DJI Inspire I with current stock firmware and the standard X3 camera.

I have noticed on my past few flights that the drone was capturing images on the way home (when the camera is again horizontal). Initially I assumed it was due to how I terminated those (multi-battery) flights.

Today, however, I flew 3 separate flights, all fully completed and returned home according to the normal programming. On 2 of the 3 flights, the drone took photos on the way home (including one at approximately 45 degrees angle, as the camera was returning to horizontal). On the third, the photo taking appropriately stopped prior to this. Perhaps one of the 2 flights may have had sketchy data connection with the drone, but the other one had a crystal clear connection the whole way, as far as I could tell from the currency of the drone position updates and the images being streamed back to my phone.

Is this a known issue? No loss of data, so not critical, but it requires that I manually remove these horizon-showing images prior to uploading the batch.