DD Academy Certification

Hey everyone, So I own 3 drones and did mapping with the free trial version on DD. Now my M300 is still not supported here but the data sets are still readable for the AI to create the map.

I decided to take the course DD Academy and it says that there is a certification…so I cleared all stages of the course and still have not received anything.

Could someone please explain it a bit better on how this works, appreciated

It’s basically an organizational training program. Many of the newer software companies have this sort of a program because it gets a team up to speed quickly all from the same curriculum instead of piecemealing pieces and parts of different perspectives. It also cuts down support calls greatly for the solution provider.

As far as I know there is no actual certificate that gives you any special access other than just knowing how to use the product as designed.

Hey Michael,

I had forgotten to click the last part in DD Academy to receive the certificate.
Was dope training and allows me to better understand what I can offer in regards to services.

Appreciate the feedback


I need to go check that myself! Thanks.