Data Sovereignty

How are folks dealing with clients who has data sovereignty concerns.

Are there any legal templates, documentation or processes that you can share?

this happens to us all the time in the construction world when we are working for entities that have non-disclosure agreements. Legally it’s on the client to provide that documentation and have you sign off on it. They should already have that documentation. Otherwise you are only bound to what DroneDeploy exclaims as they are serving and storing the data.

Hi @john.culkin, great question! You are welcome to review and share the following:

Security and Compliance
Vulnerability Reporting Policy
Data Processing Addendum

If you or your client have specific questions or concerns, feel free to send us a note at Happy to help there!

Thanks for the info!

I’m looking for examples of what others have done so that I can guide/advise clients on what they should be considering.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea to have your own disclaimer.