Data Pollution from previous flights

My flying buddy and I use a nearby field to practice and develop our orthomosaic and 3D mapping techniques. We each have a DroneDeploy account and fly DJI Phantom 3 Professionals. My Phantom uses a DJI camera modified to produce NDVI imagery and my partners is the standard camera.

Our problem is as follows: When we do a new flight at our field and create a new project for the uploaded data, old imagery from the same field is added to the project. In other words, multiple dates appear on the map slider even though the uploaded imagery for that project only came from one date. Now, I understand that sometimes a user would wish to add new images to an existing project, but this would properly be done using the (older) existing project.

To make matters worse, my NDVI photos from the same field are also added into my partner’s (visible light) project which completely ruins the output. This cross pollution of data seems to cross not only between projects within each user’s account, but between accounts, too! Seems that Drone Deploy is saying “I have some other data from that location, let me do you a favor and include that in your project”!

What are we missing???

This sounds unusual. I’ve forwarded it to our support team to check out.

Just tried it again. New project but same location. I uploaded one set of images and got four undesired sets of images (including NDVI) underneath.

Hi @jlindh - could you send us the Flight IDs of the maps to ? The Flight ID should be just under the name when viewing the map.


@Neema I do not have flight data in the PC version of DD, is that normal?
I am asking as it popped into my mind reading the flight ID question you just had.

It’s not working very well with all of our latest updates and the iOS release. We are considering removing the flight logs and possibly providing better integration with official DJI Go logs or a 3rd party service as that seems to be what people prefer to use so it’s in one place. Would you prefer it stays in DroneDeploy?

@chasemgray, sure would I prefer they stay in DD because then I have all in one place considering the flight data will be linked to the missions flown.
I do not know how and when the map will be ready for europe and starting point there without having to switch on the AC but I do look forward to it.
I was referring to the flight logs on the PC / lapotop. in the iOS I do not see any see any flight data apart from the sometimes buggy battery % which is due to the faulty SDK provided by DJI - not your fault I know -

coming back to your question, if it is possible and does not make to much of a headache then yes, flight logs within DD would be cool. another reason would be I would not have to switch programs to see and search for the according mission or map to match.

on the other had I would like to ask something.
can you have a look at this map and explain or tell me why the minutes are 47.047 min on a 690m2 area :smile:

phatzo, I’m just a confused user like yourself. You’ll have much better luck if you would address your questions to tech support. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

sorry, I was addressing the question to @chasemgray :slight_smile: did not want to open a new thread about it.