Data from contour maps

New to Auto CAD Civil 3D, but helping a client with a different program. Do the contour maps have set values for each contour line. Map was downloaded with 1’ intervals. Client is saying there is no data associated with the file and also the file is too small. I pulled it up on Auto CAD 3D and while I had to zoom in significantly, there was also no elevation markings on the contour lines. Is there a way to do this.

The reason for this vs. just using the volume calculator via DroneDeploy is client wants to figure it out themselves to see the accuracy in stockpiles vs. DroneDeploy.

Can you send me the contour file to I’d be happy to take a look. Typically there are no labels on the contour lines, but their properties will contain an elevation value.

As @MBlacklin stated I also get contours without labels, but with “Z” properties. It is important to remember that if you are looking at real elevations, that the contours are created relative to your take-off location (unless you are using GCP’s). Relative contours and elevations should be fine for calculating the volumes though.

@dragonflyAS, what specific fie type do you use and what program do you use to view it?

@MBlacklin I will send you an email, what file type would you prefer?

I am using the LAS file in AutoCAD Civil 3D… I am converting and a client is using it in MicroStation GeoPak.

Could you please tell me how to setup that GCP’s, because my elevation maps are totally green or totally blue. thanks in advance for your help, rgds